Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Little Update :-)

Our new grandson has been home for almost 2 weeks now.  Was enjoying it until last week when my DIL's mother was released from jail & showed up here.  She is now staying here, she has no place to go & I'm going insane!!!  I'm trying to do the christian thing but finances were tight w/ 4 adults now it's even tighter with 5.  She was suppose to go stay w/ another daughter but the boyfriend said no, my DIL's mother told my son & her daughter to drop her off at the park & she will stay there - talk about a guilt trip!!!  Hubby & I are going to wait for a little while & if I don't see her making some effort to find another place to live and get a job I'm sorry but she has to go.  We feel it is not our responsibility to take care of her.  She was in jail for not paying child support, her probation officer violate her (don't know what she's on probation for) she spent 90 days in jail & as it's looking now she'll probably be violated again by the end of the month.  Am I wrong for not wanting her here?  Am I acting un-christian like?

Okay I got that off my chest   We had our annual Live Auction for Relay for Life this past Saturday, despite the rain & small crowd we did real well, we raised $2200.00!!  I got a few things, I'll take pics & post later.  I am looking so forward to this weekend - why? you ask because our ladies fellowship is having our annual Ladies Retreat - woo hoo!!  We rent cabins at Fall Creek Falls & have food, fellowship, food, games, food, massages, food, devotions & did I mention food, lol!!!  This year I'm in charge of games & oh boy did I find some fun games to play - he he he he he!!!  Can't give them away just yet - prying eyes

Let's see what else have I been up to - I've learned to crochet - OMWord LOVE IT!!!  I've made 4 scarves, 3 dish clothes & I learned last night & have started a hat.  I'm a crocheting fool, lol!!!! I've also got a hand quilting project almost done, it's just a practice piece but I'm enjoying it too, this craft takes a little longer to do & right now the crocheting helps w/ my stress level, uh um^^^^^^^^(first paragraph)^^^^^^^^!!!!

Well I better run I have a few things to do today - cupcakes to make for Relay Team mtg this evening, laundry, dishes & straighten the house back up.  So that's all from the mtn. for now, take care, pray for me & catch ya later.

May God Bless You & Your Day,