Friday, January 13, 2012


It's been awhile!!  I've been taking a very much needed break from the computer all together, I've even given up Facebook - WOOHOO!!!  Although I have found a new addiction, lol, C R O C H E T I N G!!  I've started a shawl & a throw but ran out of yarn so I won't be showing pics of them just yet :-)  I did make hats for everyone for Christmas - This is the one I made for the girls, sry didn't take a pic of the boys hats :-(

This is the new one I just made today!!

Sry about my appearance, it's a snowy, very cold, yucky day & I just was not in the mood to gussy up, lol!!!

Not much else going on around here - we are still "Empty Nesters" - WOO HOO!!!!!
Well I better run, that's all from the mtn. for now, take care & catch ya later.

God Bless,