Monday, September 26, 2011

What a month!!!

 What a month I have had!!!  First my oven broke, I was preheating the oven to make biscuits for supper & heard several popping noises - the bottom heating element broke in 4 places, well there goes biscuits for supper!!  Hubby went the next day & got a new heating element & when I turned the oven on it threw the breaker.  I'm still without an oven, so after a couple of weeks hubby was wanting some biscuits (he was tired of sliced store bought bread, lol) so he bought me my first toaster oven!!  Still learning how to use it, lol.  The next thing to happen the cord on my Farberware open hearth electric grill broke, my sewing machine peddle went out & my vacuum belt broke, luckily hubby fixed them all at no cost   Then last week my coffeepots, yes plural - to be exact 3 (1 was a one cupper), went out UGH!!  Hubby hurried out of the house to work that morning especially when he found out I hadn't had my morning coffee yet!!  I improvised, I used the the part of the coffee pot that holds the filter & boiled some water on the stove & WAHLAA coffee, lol!!  Hubby stopped on his way home & bought me a new coffeepot, he said as he handed it to me - "GO MAKE YOU SOME COFFEE!"  Don't ya just love them, lol!!  A few days later as I was finishing up sewing the gifts we were giving out at our church's Ladies Bible Conference my iron caught my ironing board on fire!!  The cord had a cut in it, hubby said he could fix but when we were grocery shopping he told me to get a new iron, still have to get a new iron board cover but I'll make due for now, lol!!  I'm afraid to use any of my other appliances, ROFL!!

Here's some pics of the gifts we made for each lady that attended our church's Ladies Bible Conference, we made 150 of them.  There are several different kinds this is the one that I chose & have it hanging in my laundry room :-)

Well I better run, my house needs some much needed TLC & a need to make a special treat for my sweet hubby for putting up with everything these last few weeks.  That's all from the mtn. for now, take care & catch ya later.

God Bless,

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