Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another Tornado!!

Yep, another funnel cloud was spotted in our area!!  I was outside getting the pool floats & laying my umbrella down when the wind first started - it was pretty scary.  The trees were creaking and cracking, all I wanted to do was get inside!!  We have a few limbs down in our yard, don't know if there was anymore damage to my daughter's home (they haven't lived there since the last storms)!!  The house across from us has a HUGE tree down, it took their power line to their house down.  Hubby was at a funeral when the storm hit, he came home to NO POWER (7 hrs!!!).  So what do you do to occupy a BORED hubby - take him shopping, lol!!!!  Okay we had planned to do some errands off the mtn. after he got home from the funeral - we had a nice time, paid some bills, got a few groceries & went out to eat!!  The bad thing was when we got home the power was still off - oh boy, HE DROVE ME CRAZY!!!  I felt sorry for the power guys, everytime they stopped on our street he was out there "trying to find out some info", !!!  I read a book & enjoyed the peace & quiet, lol .

Shhh, I don't want to say this too loud - we are empty nesters again, I've been getting the spare room setup as a guest room & hubby's "MAN CAVE" is his once again!!

Well that's all from the mtn. for now, take care & catch ya later.

Have a Blessed Day & God Bless You!

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